Charlotte Bressollette

Charlotte Bressollette
January 23, 2017 mpenney

Charlotte was born in 1982. A visual artist, she works and lives in Paris. She studied psychology.  After working with moving images by directing a short film, she got more and more interested in still images. The “pragma” of a still image, its powerful voice is multiplied by its guaranteed indelibility that is printed on our mind second after second.

Her photographic work began when she found on the floor outside bags of old expired photosensitive paper, dating from 1982, the year of her birth. A rain storm had modified the chemistry of the paper, on which strange forms appeared. With a quick reflex, she took her smartphone and took a photo. Alchemy happens, it’s a digital rebirth.

“The rain had ripped through one of the bags and scattered the paper which was blackening before my eyes, the daylight slicing it with every passing second. In front of this absurd agony, I took hundreds of pictures with the low sensor of my smartphone in order to preserve, for a few moments longer, the breath of this veteran from the analogue war… Different worlds appear.”

After the photosensitive paper project, she explores and works with others analogue forms, which she brings back to life in a kind of rebirth, now converted to digital. Her creations are echoes of a past that are revealed under the electronic tensions of the conversion from analogue to digital. They are memories of moments that never existed and which tell a story of an instantaneous journey which seems to have taken place elsewhere, light years away.

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