• Ziv Lahat

    Ziv Lahat is an illustrator, painter, lowbrow artist, cartoonist and fashion designer. At an early age, he was influenced by many cultures and that’s informed his art. Later, Ziv studied fashion design in…

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  • Charlotte Bressollette

    Charlotte was born in 1982. A visual artist, she works and lives in Paris. She studied psychology.  After working with moving images by directing a short film, she got more and more…

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  • Parabo Press Engineer Print

    Great Online Printers for Creatives

    If you like our digital art packs, patterns and textures you may want to know where and how to get them printed. Nowadays you can find premium quality printers online who make…

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  • Didariel

    Nicolas Dariel with the artist name “Nito” is a French sculptor and writer who was born in Melun. He is the grandson of Marie-Thérèse LANOA, who was the starting point of his…

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  • Nejma Boussaid

    Nejma Boussaid is a Franco-Algerian artist studying visual communication and graphic design. Inspired by calligraphy, she uses Arabic and Japanese letter shapes in her compositions and some of her illustrations. Discover Nejma…

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  • Martina Banozic

    Martina Banozic was born in Zagreb in 1988. She studied textile design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and graduated in 2016 with an MA degree. Her main interests are…

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