Ziv Lahat

Ziv Lahat
April 5, 2017 mpenney

Ziv Lahat is an illustrator, painter, lowbrow artist, cartoonist and fashion designer. At an early age, he was influenced by many cultures and that’s informed his art. Later, Ziv studied fashion design in Paris (ESMOD) and took part in exciting projects in the fashion world. Ziv designed his own shoes and collaborated with sneaker shops. He was featured in Styliste, Personal Shopper and Fashion Designer.

Ziv is influenced by the artistic genres and cultural scenes he has taken part in most of his life, like street art culture (Graffiti, Toys, Comics, Vinyl, Tags, Characters etc..), Kustom Kulture (50′s, hot rods, pinstriping, exotica), history, Ethnica, music (Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop, Psychobilly, Jazz, Rockabilly, Punk, Gothic, Tribal Music, etc.), tattoo culture, primitive art, lowbrow, surf, skate, and the Rastafari movement.

‘So What’s’ Ziv’s second name in the Graffiti/Street Art scene. He took this name from the Mighty and Legendary Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue album. The song So What’s always playing in his head when he is drawing.

Ziv loves to create his own style with a lot of thought, cultural influence and good vibes…From Tiki to Psychobilly from Ska to Surf, etc.


Skateboard Art Show in Sao Paulo Brazil from December 2016 until January 2017 (Mostra Sk8art life show).
Barcelona International Art Fair 2016 (16-17 December 2016).
Conception Art Show, Los Angeles Contemporary Art Show (28th January 2017) ,Los Angeles
Conception Art Show, New York City (March 2nd 2017), New York City

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The work:

Mr. Finki    |    Mr. E     |     Tiki Mask    |     So What Imagination Portrait    |     Hand Style Tiki Mug